Tasco DomeAs an Tasco Dome Authorized Dealer, we can serve all your building needs:

Dance Farm Supply & Steel Sales and Services in Hillsboro, Ohio can build all sizes of tasco buildings for all types of applications. Tasco dome is a very versatile building. We pride ourselves on top quality workmanship from the design phase right through to the completed project, with a skilled and multi-talented team to gather information and support from along the way.

Why choose Tasco Dome?

Hot Dipped Galvanized
Why does it matter?

Un-galvanized steel rusts quickly. We galvanize our CSA-A660 certified steel trusses after all welds are complete and all holes are drilled. Our galvanizing is not painted on, ours are hot dipped so that they are galvanized inside and outside the tubing, as well as on the welds. This makes a truss that will last long into the future with zero maintenance, providing superior rust protection.

Steel Wind Bracing, Not Cables
Why does it matter?

Cables only provide support in one direction, and they need to be tensioned properly. Steel bracing on the other hand works in both directions, it never needs tightening, providing a stronger more reliable support system.

Square Tubing
Why does it matter?

Square tubing makes for a more efficient truss, and is nearly twice as strong as the same size round tubing. This means that our trusses are stronger, more compact and more eye appealing than trusses built with round tubing.

Engineered Trussed Arches
Why does it matter?

Our engineered trussed arches are designed for your exact location and typical weather conditions. Trussed arches are made strong, to withstand mother nature’s abuse. Trussed arches support much heavier loads than single tube arches.

12oz Fabric
Why does it matter?

Fabric comes in many different thicknesses and types of plastic; we use 12oz polyethylene fabric which has a life expectancy greater than 15 years. Thinner fabrics and plastics are less resistant to UV rays, and are prone to stretching, tearing and bowing.

Independent Engineering
Why does it matter?

We don’t cut corners. We have all of our designs double checked by independent engineers. We have taken this step from the beginning in order to maintain complete confidence in the structural integrity of our buildings.


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